​​Cycling Wisconsin's North Coast on Beautiful Lake Superior !


Comprehensive Bike Planning Group for Bayfield County

Bayfield County is updating its Comprehensive Recreational Plan this year. NCCA would like to present a refined set of comments addressing the future of biking in Bayfield County.  Committee members would look at various bike plans and other community initiatives that have been successful and develop plans and routes best suited to a set of goals. Planning only a few structured meetings.
Marketing and Outreach ​

Meets seasonally January through March to plan business outreach and strategies for coming years events. Need help with appeal letters, outreach and some limited personal contacts with businesses you know. 
Promotions and Electronic Media 
Steering committee that meets as needed to determine current needs for Website, Facebook and general outreach and promotions. Evaluates successes and failures and make suggestions for future changes.

Plan and help develop trails and bike routes in Bayfield-Ashland County
Fundraising and Grants

Assist with grant writing and review for grants and initiatives for bicycle development in the Bay Area. 

Contact: Coordinator at: 

Volunteer Opportunities

NCCA has multiple events during the year. While we prefer you participate, it takes volunteers to keep these events going. We also need committee members to serve on a limited structured basis to assist in our program development.  Below is a list of events and working groups  that are in need of volunteers. Please consider marking your calendar today and contacting one of our coordinators at the email below. Our mission is to promote and develop biking in the Bay Area and that goes beyond holding events and building trails. We need vision and dedication to make it happen!


Bike Across the Bay 

A Winter cycling event on Lake Superior always held in mid February the day after Book Across the Bay. 

Volunteers needed; Marking the course,Staffing the turn around, grooming the course, assist with time keeping. Other duties as assigned.

Superior Vistas Bike Tour

Usually Third weekend in June.

Food distribution, Manning support tables on the course, course signing, transportation and swag wagon, registration table.

Annual Membership Meeting

First week in May. This year on Cinco de Mayo May 5th. Food pickup and setup, membership/ticket taking.


A fun ride and run held Saturday AM of Memorial Day weekend. 

Course setup, tableing. 

Brownstone Days

End of July on the Sunday of Brownstone Days. Course setup, help with the kids rodeo, also Registration Table, promotions, trail marking, race timing.

Madeline Island Picnic Ride

 Last weekend in July or 1st weekend Sunday in August 

Swag vehicle, food pickup and donated food or baking for the event. 

Bike Rodeo's

Course setup, Assistance for riders and Rodeo station attendants.