Upcoming Rides: 




Ride leaders please check your information – riders check with the ride leaders for
updates – things change daily with the weather and other considerations.
Note many of these weekly rides ask that you contact the ride leader to get on their group
email lists as the updates don’t always appear in this ride list.
Monday Rides
In Ashland – Casual Group Ride at Bay City Cycles (updated 5-20-2021)
Launch Location:      Pearson Plaza (behind City Hall), Ashland
Launch Time: 6:00 pm Monday nights
Route/Distance/Pace: This is a super casual social ride, 10mph, absolute drop (seriously,
people have dropped us before, and that's cool). About 10 mile rides within and just
outside the city of Ashland. Might even stop and take in the sites and beaches. (routes
available to view on Ride Spot https://www.ridespot.org/profile/view/62541 )
Other: Ideal stepping stone to more traditional group rides, just starting to get into shape,
touring Ashland, casual night out on a bike, etc. Helmets required. No drop.
COVID social distancing protocol: riders must stay at least 6 feet away (a bike's length)
from those not of their own household. If the group exceeds 15 riders, we will split into 2
groups to make social distancing easier.
Contact: Alex Faber or Karl Faber ashlandbaycitycycles@gmail.com , check the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1291493144224365/ , or sign up to
the email list https://baycitycycles.com/events/

Tuesday rides
In Hayward New Moon weekly ride
Road Group starts at 5:30 from New Moon. They usually ride approx.. 30 miles. Routes
vary and the group will decide and confirm at the start. There is a no-drop policy.
Mountain/Gravel group starts at 5:45 and usually meets at the shop as well. Routes may
vary and if they decide to start at a different location it will be posted on
Facebook/Instagram ahead of time or they may call the shop at 634-8685 to confirm start

All abilities welcome.
Contact phone 715-634-8685

Near Cable Gary & Friends Gravel Group Ride
As this ride is somewhat sporadic in scheduling, you will need to get on Gary’s Gravel
ride email group to get the ride details from time to time – cheqfat@cheqnet.net
Launch Location varies each week
Launch time 9:00 a.m. or ???
Route/Distance/Pace varies each week – usually 20-25 circuit.
Other Please RSVP so we know if anyone is coming
Contact Gary Crandall cheqfat@cheqnet.net 715-798-3594

In Rice Lake The Herd of Turtles Road Ride
Launch Location:  Turtle Back Golf Course in Rice Lake
Launch time:   6pm in May
Route/Distance :  25-50 miles - Routes based on weather/group size - Pace           B/C  Groups - 17mph; A Group 20mph
Other -Turtleback Lockers/Showers
Remember Tuesday rides are meant to get you in shape, they are not meant to be easy!!
Food and Libations after in the 19 th Hole/Bar/Grill -ONCE THEY OPEN:
Contacts     Matt Nelson    bikenelson@hotmail.com   715-296-1137                                  
Greg Crites       gbcrites@hotmail.com    715-205-7683

Wednesday Rides

Wednesday morning congenial person’s ride this is now up and running for 2021
**You will want to get on Jane’s direct list if you want to know the juicy details
They like an RSVP on this one for the lunch count (when they have lunch)**
Launch location varies each week
Launch time 10:00 am start time throughout the season

Route/Distance/Pace depends on who shows up but is all inclusive
Other Many locations offer on road, off road and gravel options of various
Could be a post ride chow/hydration opportunity depending on location
Contact Jane Mandli at: jmandli@centurylink.net

Wednesday Women’s ride at Mt. Ashwabay  occasionally other locations
For more ride detail info you definitely want to get on Lisa W’s email list
Launch Time 6:00 pm for Ashwabay
Launch Location Couple of launch spots in the Mt. Ashwabay system
Other locations in Cable/Seeley TBD
Route/Distance/Pace We usually shoot for a ride 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.
Other Women of all abilities are welcome to join us for our weekly rides.
Meeting afterwards for food and fun at a local bar/restaurant.
Contact Lisa Weispfenning to get on a weekly e-mail list for location updates.

 Thursday Chequama Mamas Thursday Ride in the Cable-Seeley-Hayward area
First ride on Thursday June 17
Note: The Thursday night Mamas ride has been going on since the late 1970’s.
Launch location Launch at the Ideal Market in Cable until further notice of launch location change.
Launch time 5:00 p.m. (let’s start at 5 and if folks want to start a bit later we
can change it up)
Route/distance/pace Initial rides will be road rides of 1- 1 ½ duration – 15-25 miles or so depending on who shows up and what they want to do. Several groups may form and is all inclusive. 
Initially will be a road ride until participation is consistently confirmed after which the group can decide road/off-road/gravel or ….
Other Post ride chow/hydration will be determined by launch When in Cable
the Rivers Eatery in the Ideal Market is a good place to hang on a summer’s eve.
If you want to host the ride and have a pot luck sign up early to get on the
Contact Gary Crandallcheqfat@cheqnet.net 715-580-0453


Gnarly Ashwabayer-Seeleyites cryptically encoded off road ride.This is now on for 2021 To get on this list contact:

Mike Weispfenning -mweispfenning@hotmail.com
This one moves around quite a bit. Get on Mike’s list for the updates
Meeting 6:30 for Ashwabay and Cable/Seeley locations.  Launch site varies each week. 
Chow/beverages afterwards varies.
Schedule: Mostly at Ashwabay with intermittent field trips to Cable/Seeley

Stan’s MOB ride – that’s Men on Bikes
This males only (sorry ladies we need to have our special time together) mixed surface ride moves around from week to week. To get the low down on where this gravel/off road/fat bike ride may be happening you need to get on Stan’s email list:
Stan Walczak smwalczak47@gmail.com
Hayward Area
Cresthill Resort Road ride- For some of us it will be the 25 th anniversary season!
Launch Location Cresthill Resort on Placid Lake-15 minutes east of Hayward off #77 www.cresthillresort.com for maps
Launch Time 7:00 AM starting Saturday June 5 and throughout the summer
and fall.
Route/Distance/Pace A two-hour no drop ride of approximately 37 miles every
Saturday morning through the spring, summer, and fall. Usually we ride an out and back course around the northeast shore of Moose Lake. We may mix up the routes more this summer. Sometimes we do stop ahead sprints; but the pack re-groups following. Usually the main group averages around 18mph.
Other Roads are smooth, rolling, lightly traveled blacktop. Anyone is welcome
to attend. Hopefully everyone will be vaccinated. We generally ride together (2 abreast at most), unless sub-groups plan a shorter route. Frequently folks continue on for additional riding after returning to Cresthill. Rides are rain or shine, although obviously poor weather reduces attendance. 10 to 20 riders of mixed gender and abilities are the norm.
The coffee pot is always on. Swimming, showers, and changing rooms/bathroom are available pre/post ride.
 Contact Scott Wilson wilson@cresthillresort.com

Saturday morning kinder, gentler ride hosted by Carol Fitzgerald (and other nice
leaders). ***You want to get on Carol’s update list: Contact her at caroljfitz@aol.com or 715-
462-4511 or cell 612-381-6711 (text works better than voice)
to get the most current
information for her rides or if weather concerns prior to leaving home. 
Various Launch Locations at leader’s whim: Cresthill Resort, New Moon
Bike & Ski, Spider Lake Maintenance buildings, OO Trailhead, Cable public parking,Sawmill Saloon, etc.
Various Launch Times depending on time of year: Usually 9:30 am, 10 am,
10:30 am (sometimes afternoon if morning weather issues).
Route/Pace/Distance: This is a casual, social, 12-15 mph average speed ride of
anywhere from 25-45 miles and route is more specific in notification email.
Other: We occasionally stop for ice cream. We try to stay together and not drop anyone and assist with flats. Helmets are required and please carry appropriate tools and a spare tube. 
Contact: Carol or the ride leader for that weekend sends an email usually Thursday
or Friday to let interested riders know details for Saturday and perhaps Sunday rides.

Saturday Road/gravel Ride in Bayfield County

Launch location We move around the launch location. Most often Washburn,
Mason, Grand View, or Ino.
Launch time 9:00 am
Route/distance/pace 35-45 miles.
Other Sometimes coffee and sweets mid ride in Cornucopia, Delta, or Cable.
Contact Text or call Mark Dryer at 715-413-0009 or Todd Dryer at 715-
on Fridays to receive ride-specific announcements and/or confirmation for the ride. Or email Mark at mnpdryer@cheqnet.net , or Todd at dryers@charter.net .

Sunday Rides
Riverbrook Bike & Ski Ride - tbd

​​Bike Trails around Chequamegon Bay

Bike Routes - the following links will show dozens of mapped rides with mileage and elevation changes in the Bayfield / Ashland County Area -

​Washburn-Ashland Bike Trail Map 
Mapmyride - Washburn Area

Apostle Islands Area Bicycle Map for
Ashland and Bayfield Counties

Road Routes
Check out some of the area’s favorites rides that have been mapped out by area cyclists.

USFS Forest Trails 
Star Route, Brinks Road, Sand Bay

Superior Vistas Bike Tour Routes - 
13 & 19 mile;

 34 mile
40, 52, 70 & 100 mile
Central & Southern Bayfield County Bike Routes
City of  Washburn Bike Routes

Mountain Biking
Mt. Ashwabay - single track trails as part of CAMBA North.

CAMBA - Chequamegon Area Mountain Biking Association. They have over 80 miles of single track, and almost unlimited double track possibilities.

Wolverine Ski Trails - They have some fairly technical single track to ride, using the ski trails to connect.

Ride information

bicycle rules

(If you have any information regarding the rides in the area please email webmaster)

Every effort is made to keep this list current, however it is a good idea to contact the ride leader listed.

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