​​Cycling Wisconsin's North Coast on Beautiful Lake Superior !

Presidents Letter 06/01/2022

North Coast just installed two new Saris bike racks in Washburn and Bayfield.  Located in Washburn at the Club and in Bayfield at the entry to the Gil Larson Trail. We also funded a third at Beaver Hollow nature center in the Town of Bayfield.  I have been asked who will be using these racks?  Our communities are safe enough that you can leave a bike in a rack unlocked  and it likely to stay there all Summer.  I see bikes all over the sidewalk at the historical building in Washburn and other places.  But times are changing, and bikes are increasing in value, it may not be wise to tempt someone with an unsecured $3000.00 asset in a community that has thousands of visitors every year.

We want to remove barriers to biking and not just in a recreational way but as a solid form of transportation whenever it is feasible.  The environmental, economic and health reasons are all well documented. Biking improves your life if you make it a regular part of your activities.  It takes more time and effort than jumping in the car, but the rewards of fresh air, celebrating health and saving resources are worth it in the long run.  

We also contributed to the Ashwabay women’s mountain bike training weekend and to the new Interleague mountain bike league that Lisa Wiespfening and Sara Hudson are pulling together this Summer.   Introducing youth to biking in an important priority and gives them recreational outdoor options besides being locked into a computer screen or buzzing around on an ATV.

Bikes and trails have revitalized many communities.  This is especially evident in Minnesota where funding exists for trails.  Wisconsin, especially in our area lags behind in support for biking.  Many stellar opportunities exist and there are many bike shops yet the public money seems to be going elsewhere.   My bias tells me that bikers spend more money, use hotels and restaurants to a greater degree than other forms of recreation, but we are less visible in the process. Perhaps we should install noise makers on our bikes? Remember the playing card and clothespin – probably not.

Even if you are working a lot, busy with family and friends, taking the time to integrate regular rides into your lifestyle will reward you with more energy, peace of mind and better health. If you are part of the ageing population then  getting out and enjoying biking may be more challenging  as a safety issue as well as accommodating various worn out or more fragile body parts.  Electric bikes level the playing field and restore some lost youth when biking the hills of Bayfield.  There is one for everyone and they are increasingly affordable.

To fund our NCCA donations and initiatives,  we need your membership and occasionally a helping hand.  Right now, we are planning  Superior Vistas bike ride on June 25th in cooperation with the Ashland and Washburn Chambers.  This event brings hundreds of people from distant points to enjoy rides in the Washburn hill and dale.  It’s a great event and has been going for 20 years (with a few missed from flood and Covid).  This year we are adding a couple of fat tire rides in the Valhalla area.   We will need additional support help on these rides and with other tasks of the event.  North Coast traditionally organizes the food for some of the stations and prepares the course with signage.  It all happens on a Thursday afternoon we prepare the food, Friday  morning we sign the course and Saturday morning we provide the stations with the food and equipment pickup site. With enough help, it does not require  a great commitment of time.  This is our biggest fundraising event this year, so I hope you can help, so we can continue to contribute to the community.   If you are interested, please sign up at Sign up Genius.  Or send me an email from the website contact site.