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North Coast Cycling Association Annual Meeting Agenda

Time and Location: Wednesday, September 10th, 2020, via virtual conference.

Call to Order
Consent Agenda
September Meeting Minutes
Treasurers Report
Additions to the Agenda

Board Reports/Committee’s
Washburn – Ashland Trail Progress
Bike Racks


Bylaws Changes
Board officers
Roger Aiken – President
Paul Ehlers – Executive VP
Rose Lawyer - Treasurer
Pete Olson – Secretary

Proposed Bylaw Change:
Explanation: The energy and impact of every member is valued. Schedules and time availability change over time and with personal situations. We strive to be a flexible organization.  If a Board member becomes too busy to participate at the Board level, they should be able to continue to be involved with the club. This revision provides a simple process for Board rotations.   This rule also simplifies our state filing requirements and may reduce our insurance costs. 

Current Bylaw
10. Removals. An officer may be removed by two-thirds vote of members present at a membership meeting called for that purpose.

10. Removals. An officer or Board member may be removed by two-thirds vote of members present at a membership meeting called for that purpose.  Except for joint officer positions, a Board member who does not attend one noticed Board meetings within a six-month period shall be automatically included on a committee or volunteer list of choice. A replacement may be named by majority vote of the remaining Board.

Member Comments and Input

Meeting Adjournment

North Coast Cycling Association Minutes, September 2nd, 2020
Time and Location:  Wednesday, September 2nd at 9 am, via virtual conference.

Call to Order/Attendance:  The meeting was called to order at 9:05 am. Board Members present were Roger Aiken, Paul Ehlers, Norm Engstrom, Joe Groshek, Pete Olson (recording), and Leon Wheeler.
Review of the August Minutes:  The minutes were accepted without modifications.

Additions to Agenda:  Joe asked that NCCA support for a mountain bike skills course trail similar to the one at Cable be considered. There was some discussion of the best location. Joe is going to plan a field trip to ride on the Cable Trail.

Treasurer’s Report (Rose Lawyer):  Rose could not attend but indicated that was no significant change from last month with about $25,000 in the treasury but $6,500 committed as a match for the Washburn City Trail grant.
Old/Ongoing Business:
• Bruce Bowers memorial bike rack (Roger) There is general agreement as this being an artistic, welded rack. The City of Washburn grant award may affect the location of the rack.

• Successful Washburn Grant Application Award (Adam) He was unable to attend but shared that the City has been awarded the grant, which involves grading and putting a finer crushed rock surface on the railroad grade in town. Joe will contact Jeff Moberg about coordinating the match. There is a need for some clarification on the aggregate that will be used. It is likely the actual trail work will be in 2021. Roger will talk to Tony Janisch, Assistant City Manager.

New Business:
 • Planning for Annual Meeting (Roger) It will be conducted remotely using the Go to Meeting app at 6 pm, Thursday, September 10th. The Board to do a dry run to test for issues with the app.

• Officer elections and bylaw changes (Roger)
Roger (President), Rose (Treasurer), and Pete (Secretary) were willing to continue in their positions. Paul said he was willing to serve as Vice President. So those four candidates, and anyone else who is interested, will be up for election at the Annual Meeting. There was discussion of changes bylaws to deal with inactive Board Members; this was suggested as not having participated in a meeting for the last six months. This could affect having a quorum at meetings, reporting for our tax exempt status, and does have a modest effect on costs of insuring the Board for liability.

• Request for Bike Rack at Gil Larson Trailhead-Bayfield (Roger) There was a request for NCCA to provide financial support for a bike rack near the Bayfield Library. This was discussed positively but it was agreed to table any decision for a later meeting.

Schedule time and location of the Annual Meeting:  Thursday September 10th at 6 pm, remotely using the  Go to Meeting app with a phone-in option.

Adjourn:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 am. Type your paragraph here.